Tag: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

May 2, 2012 / Photography

I don’t normally go around taking pictures of cheerleaders, but today the University of Bristol hosted an Olympic-themed street party to celebrate Universities Week and to showcase some sporting talent. I thought…

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April 20, 2012 / Photography

Last time Hannah got some new glasses, I photographed them on the table. This time, she was kind enough to let me take her picture wearing them. While the flashes…

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March 9, 2012 / Photography

I realised recently that I hardly use any flash in my photography. I’d like to improve my skills with artificial lighting and the only way is by practice. Trouble is,…

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May 1, 2011 / Photography
April 26, 2011 / Photography
February 19, 2011 / Photography

Recently I read about taking exposures at night, lasting perhaps ten minutes, and using nothing but ambient moonlight or the general glow of the night sky. It’s supposed to give…

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February 19, 2011 / Photography
February 7, 2011 / Photography

Jaywalking, or as it is more concisely known in the UK, crossing at the red man, really winds me up. So I decided to capture it for this week’s Photo…

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January 26, 2011 / Photography
January 26, 2011 / Photography

For some time, I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this giant mural on the side of the Bristol uni chemistry lab. The Spots v Stripes Photo Challenge presented…

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