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January 12, 2011 / Cars

The result of an idle thought. Dear Top Gear, I’m trying to imagine how a car would handle if mounted on bicycle wheels. I wager that some sturdy mountain bike…

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July 12, 2010 / Cars

The other day I was knocked off my bike deliberately by an impatient driver. I was cycling along a stretch of road where there were no parked cars. I was…

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May 20, 2010 / Cycling

As much as I like fair weather, I’m not nearly so keen on fair weather cyclists. Fair weather cyclists are those who suddenly take to two wheels only when the…

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March 4, 2010 / Cycling

As I cycled to work this morning, I had a crazy idea. It’s just daydreaming and will probably never happen, but it’s fun to think about. I’ve already posted this…

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February 2, 2010 / Cycling

Since getting my iPhone 3GS, I’ve been playing with a few apps. Today I tried one called Cyclemeter, which is a GPS tracker and can provide some interesting stats about…

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