Coronet Conway – Synchronised Model

Released 1955

I bought this camera from eBay as a way of getting into medium format photography. I also managed to get hold of the proprietary flashgun, the Coro-Flash, which takes flash bulbs.

See all photos taken with the Conway.

Conway Synchronised
Conway Synchronised

At a glance

Lens Fixed 110mm f/18
Film 120 (6×9)
Focus Fixed, with close-up lens
Meter None


  1. […] the first time, I used Efke R 50 film and I took my Conway box camera. It has a low quality lens with poor contrast, poor sharpness, fixed focus and severe vignetting. […]

    • April 10, 2012

      Hi My mother is approacking 80 years old and have a conway box camera very good condition in its original fabric case she has had this camera all her life sorm a small child she is wondering how much it is worth and where would she sell it

      much appreciated some ideas

      best regards richard

      • April 10, 2012

        Hi Richard,

        Box cameras are quite common and so they don’t usually fetch a very high price. A good condition box camera might fetch £25, possibly more if it is a rare or desirable one. I’d recommend searching on eBay for similar cameras to get an idea of the price, and then you could sell it on there too.

        I believe I paid £30 for my Conway box camera, but it came with a flashgun and the original case and manual.

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