KMZ Zorki 4

Released 1956

This is my first rangefinder camera. It’s also my first compact camera that has interchangeable lenses. It has some pretty unusual quirks, but it’s fun. There is some excellent glass available in M39 mount so this is a high-quality photographic tool, and a good alternative to an SLR.

See all photos taken with the Zorki 4.

Zorki 4
Zorki 4

At a glance

Lens M39 mount
Film 135
Focus Coupled rangefinder
Meter None


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  3. […] 2014 version was also shot on film, but this time I used Agfa Vista 200 (from Poundland!) in a Zorki 4 camera with Jupiter 12 lens. The Zorki 4 was released in 1956 – just a year after the first picture […]

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