Avonview Cemetery

With the news of local flooding tonight, I decided to walk down to Netham Weir to see what was going on. The river was noticeably swollen and had burst its banks in some places. The weir was nowhere to be seen.

Compare the black & white image, taken in May 2013, with the colour image taken tonight (January 2014). Apologies for the crap quality of the latter – I’m going for interest rather than photographic quality here.

As the subject might suggest, Netham weir is not the main focus of this blog post. On my way home from the weir I passed Avonview Cemetery. I’ve never been before but I snapped a few photos from the footpath as I passed. I wasn’t really equipped for long-exposure night photography so these are pretty grainy, but I like them anyway. I can’t decide which is my favourite.

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