Infrared over Troopers Hill

I’ve tried infrared photography a few times in the past with varying success. But one thing that I’ve always found is that infrared film is a lot grainier than regular black & white film, so you end up with a relatively low resolution picture. To work around this, I’ve tried using medium-format infrared film in my Mamiya RB67 for that bit more real estate. These were shot at 6×4.5 rather than the full 6×7, otherwise I’d have to remortgage my house to pay for it.

They are still very grainy but the higher resolution helps work around it. Now I know this can be done with the RB67 and I have an idea of the exposure needed, I’ll revisit the idea in Summer when the sunlight shows off infrared photography at its best.

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  1. March 4, 2012

    I *love* the second one!

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