Adverts from Playboy, 1962

In my job as a network engineer at a university, I recently had to go into the roof space of one of the older halls of residence. I stumbled across a stash of Playboy magazines dating from 1962 – presumably hidden in the out-of-bounds area by a student who lived there at the time. I liberated the magazines, and read them.

Given Playboy‘s reputation, the magazines are surprisingly non-raunchy. However, the adverts were interesting. They were almost all for tobacco and spirits, but there were also adverts for men’s clothes, shoes, cars, technology and executive toys. I scanned my favourites, and here they are.

I’ve also promised to send these to Chris Wild at Retronaut, so I hope you’ll see them there soon. If you don’t follow Retronaut already, I strongly recommend you follow them on Facebook or Twitter. There’s always something interesting to read! 😀


    • Jonathan
      February 6, 2012

      I suppose that puts it on par with a mid-range digital SLR these days!

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  2. Simmo
    February 7, 2012

    “…I stumbled across a stash of Playboy magazines…” Yeah right Jon, ‘stumbled’ 😉

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