My best moon picture so far

Usually when it’s a clear night and the moon is out, I’ll have a go at photographing it. Last night there was actually a full moon and it was the first clear night in a week or two, so I got snapping.

Technically, this is my best moon picture so far, using a Canon 450D camera, a Tokina RMC 400mm f/5.6 lens and a Vivitar 3× teleconverter – all mounted on a beefy tripod. I shot 5 frames and stacked them using a piece of software called ale. The overall result is that there’s lots of surface detail on the moon.

However, I don’t think it’s my best moon shot compositionally. When lit from the side, the moon’s many craters are well-defined and give a striking impression. Here, hardly any of the craters are visible because the moon is lit from the front. I’ll keep trying!

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