Old Sarum

Old Sarum is the site of an ancient hill fort, the oldest settlement that is modern Salisbury. It’s a much more interesting heritage site than Stonehenge, and only half the price to enter!

This view shows part of the ruined royal palace.

I don’t know what this room is or was, but it gave me a sense of there is no escape.

These ruined walls were part of the palace too.

There is a footpath that goes around the top of the motte.

And here’s a shot across the dry moat, showing the spire of Salisbury cathedral.


  1. October 3, 2011

    Nice photos. The last reminds me of a sketch by Constable – it was in the exhibition at Salisbury Museum over the summer

  2. October 3, 2011

    Thanks, Matt. I haven’t seen the sketch, but are you thinking of this one? Like my picture, it shows the cathedral spire surrounded by branches.

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