More of Winter at Oldbury Court

I posted the other day with some pictures of frost, fog and ice from Oldbury Court. I actually shot most of a second film on the same day, and I’ve only just finished and processed it. I think these pictures are even better than the last lot, and probably some of my favourite photos of all time.

I used a different film this time, and these photos are sharper, less grainy, and more refined. It’s an altogether different feel.

Let’s start with a few shots of the wooded area, with the stream.

Moving out into the open fields, these walkers caught my attention. Catching the dog mid-run was just good luck, really!

This is another version of the same chestnut tree in my previous post. This time, it has come out sharper and I think I prefer it.

I love the frosty “borders” on these leaves.

And a self portrait.

Catching this bird mid-flight was also luck rather than judgement. I had been following it across the sky with my lens, but with a one-shot film camera I only had one chance to capture it. I like the background – it’s more interesting than a plain sky.

You might have noticed that most of the black & white pictures on this site have high contrast with black blacks. This is the usual style that I prefer. However, on a roll of low-contrast foggy photos, I couldn’t resist sneaking in one contrasty picture.

I love the structure of the ice crystals on these leaves.

To finish up the last couple of shots on the film, I wandered over to the junction between Fishponds Road, Staple Hill Road, and Downend Road.

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