Clifton Suspension Bridge through a fisheye

Today the Autumn sunlight was beautiful, especially in the early evening. I decided to head over to Clifton Suspension Bridge to try out my new Samyang fisheye lens.

First I climbed up the cliff to where the Clifton Observatory is, to get these shots of the bridge as a whole. I’ve been here in the past, and sometimes struggled to get the whole bridge in the frame, so it was a pleasant relief to use a lens with a 170-degree field of view!

Then I ventured down onto the bridge itself.

In the next two photos, I think it looks like the bridge piers are monsters with long arms, trying to grab cars. Perhaps that’s just my 6-year-old’s mind 😀

And finally I snapped this on my way back to where I’d left the car.

I have to say, fisheye lenses are enormous fun!

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  1. lordhutton
    October 31, 2010

    Very cool pics, Jon

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