"I'm just…"

If there’s one phrase I hate, it’s any phrase starting with “I’m just…”. Worse yet, “But I’m just…”.

It particularly annoys me how many people think that using a phrase including the word just is sufficient to get around rules, or to allow for special dispensation.

“I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to use your phone in here.”
“But I’m just calling someone.”

“Can you call me back later? I’m a bit busy right now.”
“But I just wanted to say…”

The same rules apply to all of us in most circumstances. If I can obey convention by not using my phone in the library, not pestering people when they are busy, and not breaking the rules of the road when it suits me, why can’t everyone else?

I would like to conclude this blog post in the same way my mother used to cut short my childhood whines.

“But I just…”
“But nothing.”


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