I’ve never really attempted to take photos of graffiti before, this week I saw two pieces in particular that I really like – and a third whose photo also came out OK.

I spotted all three of these in the Clifton area of Bristol. This first one isn’t that interesting, but I like the contrasty black & white look.

Here someone has painted a picture of a mains plug onto a piece of street furniture.

And this last one is a picture of Derren Brown, along with a playing card. His face was about five or six feet tall, and was just one part of a larger piece of art. There were two other faces that I didn’t recognise, but it was obvious that they are also magicians.

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  1. Fraser
    May 21, 2010

    That plug socket is brilliant, reminds me when I used to work in Sainsburys, someone had made a blank cable box, look like a plug and it fooled everyone!

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