How to waste £400

I dropped my iPhone 3GS this week. It fell perfectly face down on the pavement, and the glass front shattered.

The screen still works perfectly, and so does the touch-screen. Unfortunately some of the shards of glass are loose and they have an unpleasant tendency to stick in your thumb when you swipe to unlock the phone.

I will almost certainly have to pay for the repair out of my own pocket – and maybe even buy a whole new handset. Currently all of the iPhone handsets retail for over £400.

Broken iPhone
Broken iPhone

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  1. Jonathan
    April 20, 2010

    I made an appointment at the Genius Bar where they charged £139 for a new screen assembly, which was fitted in front of my eyes in literally five minutes.

    Quite an expensive mistake, but it’s a lot cheaper than I had feared – and I was glad I didn’t have to send it away.

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