Architecture through a fisheye

This week’s Photo Challenge is architecture. I want my photo to be a little bit different from everyone else’s so I decided to use my fisheye lens. Building almost always have straight edges, so a curved and distorted lens can really make things interesting.

One of the criteria of this Challenge is to take only one photo of each building – so this is what I’ve done. (Although I’ve taken photos of lots of buildings).

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  1. […] For ages I’ve wanted a decent fisheye lens. Back when I was shooting with my Fuji S9600, I bought a filter-thread screw-on fisheye adapter. It was only about £30 and the chromatic aberration was awful, even in the viewfinder. But it opened up a new world of photography to me, and I enjoyed using it, taking pictures like this self portrait and these shots of Bristol. […]

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