A while back, my younger brother Edmund wanted a photo blog, just like his big brother’s 🙂

I set him up with a free subdomain from No-IP. The address used to be I couldn’t fault the service from No-IP, but unfortunately free domains don’t only attract impoverished teenage photographers. They attract spammers and phishers, too.

As a result, the entire subdomain is blacklisted by:

  • MSN Messenger. Sending a message including a link to his blog is blocked for an “unknown reason”.
  • Bristol University’s malicious content filtering.
  • My blogs. Any comments or links from his blog are automatically sent to spam, no matter how many times I mark it as not spam.
  • Everyone’s email servers. Any email from this domain is binned by most email providers.
  • Countless other people and services who don’t like online criminals.

So I decided it was time he became a man, and I signed him up for his own domain. You can now see his photos at Enjoy!

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  1. Stu
    March 16, 2010

    Your own domain… a true rite of passage!

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