My first shot at developing – results

I must say, I’m delighted with the results from my first attempt at developing my own film.

This is the uninspiring view from my balcony that I’ve shot time and time again, mainly as a tester…
A view from my balcony

A slow-shutter view across Clifton Triangle, Bristol.

Clifton Triangle

Some mushrooms in Royal Fort Garden.


A couple of shots of Hereford cathedral.

Hereford cathedral

Hereford cathedral

And a couple of shots of the new centenary sculpture in Royal Fort garden.

Centenary sculpture

Centenary sculpture


  1. Rats
    October 29, 2009

    awesome! Well done! Its nice to see that there isn’r any grainyness attached to these ones, and that there are no scratches 😀

    congrats on your first roll of internet worthey film!

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