Mobile phone users cannot walk in straight lines

Anyone who has cycled around a city before will not be surprised by the findings of this research.

Pedestrians are probably the most dangerous element of my daily commute through central Bristol. They may be lighter than cars, but they stop more suddenly and change direction more unpredictably.

On a regular basis, pedestrians who have looked directly at me still fail to see me, and walk into the road anyway. As often as not, these people are using mobile phones or iPods.

I could go on forever about unobservant or careless people, but I won’t. Today. 😉


  1. Simmo
    October 26, 2009

    2x the danger when you have some Mac fanboi with his iPhone – an phone and a music player – double the distraction! lol.

    Seriously though, why don’t you just fit a massive steel rod on the front of your bike to smash mortal ped’s out the way?! I for one would help finance this 🙂

  2. Jonathan
    October 26, 2009

    Don’t know if you realised – bikes are made of steel rods. And last time I smashed a ped out of the way, we both ended up in A&E…

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