November 21 / Photography

This is a used Philips PF1 flashbulb. It used contain magnesium wool – now it contains magnesium oxide splattered over the inside, and the glass has cracked with the heat of…

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September 20 / Photography

For ages I’ve had the idea of producing a themed set of three black & white prints to display on the wall on my stairs at home. This evening I…

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March 9 / Photography

I realised recently that I hardly use any flash in my photography. I’d like to improve my skills with artificial lighting and the only way is by practice. Trouble is,…

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August 9 / Photography

Recently on my blog I posted about using flash bulbs with an old box camera. The photos in this post are taken with said box camera, and the indoor ones…

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August 5 / Photography

A while back, I bought a Conway Synchronised box camera which came with a Coro Flash included. More recently I managed to get hold of some flash bulbs for it,…

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July 28 / Audio

I heard about Audioboo – a sort of Youtube for audio clips – the other day on BBC Click. I decided to give it a go, since I fairly often…

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June 18 / Photography
November 12 / Photography

It was an interesting challenge from Stu this week. Set up your photo of any subject. Now stop. Think. Make THREE improvements to your photo. …and finally take it. I…

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November 2 / Photography

I stole the idea for this shot from Paul Seward, who in turn stole it from John Domingo. With such clear instructions I thought “Meh, how hard can it be?”.…

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July 8 / Photography

The title “On not buying cheap crap” was a close runner up for this article. A few months ago I bought a set of flashes from eBay. The price was…

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